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I have a strong feeling against smoking. Basically you start then usually you can't stop. Also it does a lot of damage to your body. It doesn't look very cool either! Usually people start smoking because they think it's cool or to be in a group. Then it becomes an addiction. Some people try to quit but for many it is already too late.

In my opinion if you smoke you are opening a door for lung cancer or possibly other cancers or diseases. The damage it does to you is unbelievable! Are your loved ones in danger if u smoke?

Yes!! Your loved ones are in danger is you smoke. Second hand smoking is almost as bad as first hand. Therefore if you smoke your


family is going to be hurt too.

Are you thinking of smoking? Think again. Remember the cost of cigarettes does add up over the years. It's also like throwing your money away. You're risking you life for nothing. Think it over and I hope you never smoke.

Nowadays there are commercials trying to tell people not to smoke. Each cigarette box shows you what smoking can do to you and your lungs. So no matter what you do now and in life think smart.



Nikki Bryk

.Feature Artical-Soccer


 My favourite activity and sport is soccer. I discovered this sport at age 7. At age nine I started the full size field. Since the start my team lost every game. I was really close to not going back. At age ten that all turned around. My dad coached. Basically he knew nothing about soccer. After that year he took a course. He worked with the goalies and the forwards.

During the 2000-2001 season we acomplised a lot as a team. We won the Gateway community club tournament twice in a row. We won the Divisional B playoffs. In 2001 we made it to the cities B championships but lost in the semifinals.

This summer I worked hard on my soccer skills. But,unfortunately I got injured before the cities. I played injured for the rest of the season. My strength in soccer would have to be the way I dribble the ball. I am always working to improve my kicking. Maybe someday it will improve. My favourite way of scoring would be a breakaway. I play forwards in outdoor soccer and rarely anything else. Yet, in indoor soccer I play midfield.

All and all soccer is my favourite sport! I play it all year round. Someday I hope to be on the Canadian National Womens Team, but for now I'll just stick to trying to make the 'A' team next year.


Nikki Bryk



Movie Review-Remember the Titans

"Remember the Titans" is a great movie!! I would definitely rate this movie a four and a half out of five stars!! It's a great movie for about ages eight and up. Anyone can watch this movie anytime!!

This movie is about football and racism. It's based on a true story in the 1970's. The outline is about combining an all black school with an all white school. This became a problem especially on the football team. I found it very motivating and touching!! The acting, music, and story line is spectacular!! If you like football you will LOVE this movie!! If not it is still an excellent movie to see!! I would definitely and always recommend this movie!!

Nikki Bryk

Charecter Sketch-My Aunt  

My aunt is Alexis Kochan is the best aunt ever. First of all, for my birthday we always go to McNally Robinsons and get books then we go to the cafe and eat. She has always helped me in my voice whether it be for try-outs or just for fun. Also, she was the first one to put a bandanna on me when I was a baby, and now I wear them all the time.

She is a great musician whether it be the piano, singing, or just the recorder. She was a piano and music teacher for a long time. Now she has her own band. She is a famous Ukrainian folk singer. She has been many places and travelled a lot. I love my aunt!!


Nikki Bryk

Dear Canadian Kid

Dear Canadian Kid,

I have a friend who plays soccer with me. You see,she kind of needs help in soccer. She can't really run or kick. They're tiering the teams next year. They are going to make an 'A' team, 'B' team,and 'C' team.I know she won't be on the same team as me. How can I tell her?

Soccer Dilemma.


Dear Soccer Dilemma,

You should tell her that she should practise running and kicking before they make up the teams. You should say that she might not be on the same team as you unless you practise.

From,Canadian Kid

Dear Canadian Kid,

My friend is too hyper! She loves being hyper and she knows it drives everyone nuts! The bad part is that besides being hyper she also sings. It's bad enough that I can't even walk beside her without being stared at by everyone because she is singing two octaves too high and ten time too loud!! I don't think I can take it anymore!! How can I tell her to relax?!?!

Hyper Pal,HELP!!


Dear Hyper Pal,HELP!!,

You should say to her that she is being to hyper and it annoys you. If she keeps being hyper tell her parents to sit down and talk to her. Then go and find another friend until she gets the picture.

From,Canadian Kid




1.How many downs are there?




2.As of the 2001 season there are how many teams?




3.Who was the rookie of the year in 2000?

a.Albert Johnson III

b.Khari Jones

c.Milt Stegall

4.Who won the Grey Cup in 2000?




5.What is the record of games won in a row?




6.Which team left the league and is coming back in the

season of 2002?




7.How many yards is a first down reguarly?




8.How many points is a convert worth?


b.1 or 2


9.How many points is a touchdown worth?




10.Which two teams used to have the battle of 'the riders'?

a.Toronto and BC

b.Saskathchewan and Ottawa

c.Newfoundland and Toronto


1.c. 2.a. 3.a. 4.c. 5.b. 6.c. 7.c. 8.b. 9.b. 10.b.


Give yourself a point for each correct answer.

10 to 9 correct-CFL Pro!! Obviously you've watched a few games and you know your stuff!! Great job!!

8 to 5 correct-Fan

You're still working on learning all the stuff needed to master the game. Good stuff!

4 and under-Maybe you should watch some games. There's room for improvement!


Dew drops on the fresh spring grass.

April showers are coming down fast.

Sunny mornings,

cold nights.

Birds come back from their flights.


Summer sun,

is loads of fun.

Swimming in cold water,

cools me off.

Best of all, school is off!


Fall leaves,

flutter from the trees.

It's starting to get chilly.

The sun stops shining,

and the birds go south by flying.


Winter breeze,

makes me freeze.

It's the coldest season of all!

It snows all day and night,

but at least the sun provides daily light.

Nikki Bryk

Short Story-The Threat

When I was in grade 4 something happened to my school. It all started when the fire bell rang. We all assumed it was another drill. So, as always we walked outside and waited. After about ten minutes we all started to worry considering we were moving back gradual and the bell didn't stop ringing. Finally we went to the lot of the community club behind the school. there we were informed there was a bomb in our school. Everyone was scared and they started calling parents. We waited and waited. my mom was one of the first parents to come. When we got home she called other parents. A n hour or so later everyone was informed there was no bomb and it was a threat. All the kids were taken inside the school and ate their lunches there,while waiting for their parents. This wasn't the only school to get a bomb thereat. Looking back this was pretty scary, espically since I was in grade four. I well always remember this experience.


Nikki Bryk

My Thoughts on Making this Magazine

I enjoyed making this magazine. The quiz was hard, yet interesting to make because for a few of the questions I had to look up the answers. I liked making my editorial about smoking for the fact that I got to state my option on smoking. The short story was different because I had to think up an interesting event that I was involved in. The poem was relatively hard to think up. The feature artical was fun to write because I got to write about something I'm good at and, like. Overall I thought this was a very interesting project to do.


Nikki Bryk