Sister Janice Soluk SSMI, Superior General Visits Immaculate Heart of Mary School

Sister Janice Soluk SSMI, Superior General receiving roses during her visit to IHMS
IHMS is wholly owned and operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, a religious order that also owns and operates Holy Family Nursing Home, along with many other schools and hospitals throughout the world. The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate was founded in Ukraine by Sister Josaphata in 1892, but since then the congregation has branched out from Ukraine to Canada, Brazil, the United States, Yugoslavia, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Great Britain, France, Argentina, Germany, Australia and Kazhakstan. 
The elected leader of the world’s congregation of Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate is Sr. Janice Soluk, SSMI. Sr. Janice lives in Rome, and is currently visiting all of the Sisters across Canada. Sr. Janice also happens to be celebrating her 50th year of religious life in 2007! On Wednesday, November 21st, she graciously took time off of her busy schedule to visit IHMS!
Sr Janice is celebrating her 50th year of religious life
Sr. Janice Soluk SSMI Superior General
Information about Sr. Janice Soluk, Superior General, SSMI:

Sr. Janice grew up and went to school in Thalburg, Manitoba, a small town just outside of Beausejour. She eventually moved to Yorkton, Saskatchewan where she graduated from Sacred Heart Academy, a school that was owned and operated by the SSMI. After graduating, she joined the SSMI in 1957, and focused on nursing during her formative years as a Sister. She trained at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, as well as Holy Family Nursing Home. She is the past Provincial Superior for the Canadian SSMI, and is now lives in Rome serving her second term as the General Superior of the SSMI world-wide.


Sr. Janice Soluk, SSMI enters IHMS and is greeted by Mr. Picklyk and Sr. Anne, SSMI

In order to welcome Sr. Janice, the students and staff planned a short program for her in the school gym. The program began at 9:30 a.m. with greetings from Mr. Picklyk, the school principal. Mr. Picklyk also served as M.C. for the program

After formal greetings and a short biograpgy of Sr, Janice Soluk, this was followed by the traditional Ukrainian offering of bread and salt by Natalia I., a grade 7 student.

Natalia I. presenting Sr. Janice Soluk with the traditional gift of bread and salt
The kindergarten to grade 8 students then sang a Ukrainian hymn under the direction of the school’s talented music teacher, Mrs. O. Stanowych. This was followed by greetings from Sr. Anne Pidskalney SSMI, the school’s director and the only representative of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate still actively involved in the day to day operation of the school.
   Above: The kindergarten to grade 8 classes sing a Ukraininan hymn to Sr. Janice;    Below: Sister Anne Pidskalney, SSMI conveys greetings on behalf of the school

Next, the kindergarten to grade 8 students sang a Ukrainian folk song, again under the direction of Mrs. O. Stanowych. Sarah M., the student council president, then conveyed her greetings with a large bouquet of red roses.

Above photo: The kindergarten to grade 8 students sing a Ukrainian Folk song under the diection of the school’s music teacher, Mrs. O. Stanowych. Bottom photo: Sarah M,. the president of the student council, presents Sr, Janice Soluk, SSMI with a short greeting and a bouquet of roses!

The grade 8’s, who had been sitting on chairs to the side of the bleachers, then played a beautiful guitar instrumental of “Au Claire de la Lune”. This was followed by the wonderfully whimsically song “Elephants Have Wrinkles”, sung and acted out with enthusiasm by the kindergarten to grade 2 students. Finally, the entire group sang “Mnohya Lita”.

Above; the grade 8's playing “Au Claire de la Lune” on their guitars. The second photo shows the Kindergarten to grade 2 students singing "Elephants have Wrinkles"; and the last two photos show everybody in the gym singing “Mnohya Lita” to Sr. Janice Soluk SSMI, Superior General.

Sr. Janice took a few minutes to speak to the students before everyone was dismissed back to their classrooms. After a quick snack in the staff room, Mr. Picklyk took her on a tour of the school where she visited each of the classrooms.

Above: Sr. Janice speaking to the students on the bleachers. Middle photo: Sr, Janice enjoying IHMS hospitality by sampling some traditional Ukrainian food. Bottom photo: Sr Janice touring the school and visiting every classroom!

While in the classrooms, she met with each of the students and presented them with a medallion she had brought from Rome.

Sr. Janice Soluk, SSMI Supeerior General ditributes medal to grade 7 students

The front and back of the medallions are show in the images to the right. Note that Mary Immaculate, the Patroness of the order is on the front of the medal, while the other side contains the emblem of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate - the letter M surmounted by a cross, flanked by three stars.
It was an honour and privilege for our school to host a visit by Sr. Janice Soluk SSMI, Superior General. It was an exciting event for the students and staff of IHMS, and we greatly appreciate the time she took out of her busy schedule to visit us!

To get a closer look of students and teachers on the bleachers, you can enlarge on either of the following two photos: