St. Nicholas / Immaculate Heart of Mary
100th Year Anniversary Celebrations


Vintage Photos of St. Nicholas School - early years
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St. Nicholas School was located on 650 Flora Avenue, the same address as the present Immaculate Heart of Mary School. The school was built in 1911. Classes ran from 1911 to 1963. The school was owned and operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate Immaculate.


Before St. Nicholas School was built in 1911, classes were conducted in the basement of the old St. Nicholas Church. Although the church was eventually torn down in the 1960's, the bell tower still remains in front of Selo Villa.


Sr. Athanasia Melnyk, St. Nicholas School's first principal from 1905 to 1912.


This is a very old photo taken outside of St. Nicholas School. According to Father Athanasius McVay OSBN, the parish priest for St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, this photo was taken before the first General Chapter of the SSMI. (c.1930) because the Sisters are still wearing the long rosary. The Canadian SSMI wore black scapulars, 15-decade rosaries and a wedding ring (bride of Christ) until the first General Chapter, where all sisters agreed to wear a standardized habit of blue with black veil.


St. Nicholas School photo - 1918.


St. Nicholas School photo - 1920.


St. Nicholas School photo - 1924.


1941-42 photo of St. Nicholas high school students and their teachers.


1941-42 photo of St. Nicholas lower grade students and their teachers.


The reverse of this photo states "The altar boys taken June 20, 1938 Wpg." According to Father Athanasius McVay OSBN, the priest in the photo is Father Paul Hewko, OSBM. Two of the altar boys are the late Michael Pasichny (blond) and Bishop Corenlius Pasichny.


Altar boys of St. Nicholas School - Rev. J. Senkiw, O.S.B.N., director.


The St. Nicholas School grade 7, 8, and 9 students of 1946. The teacher on the right of the photo was Sr. Martina.


The St. Nicholas Church Ladies Group from the late 1930's.


Undated photo of a St. Nicholas girl's softball team.


Photo of the 1944 St. Nicholas School girl's softball team. Back row (l-r): O. Bias, M. Melnyk, H. Budzan (captain), B. Skrypnyk (coach), W. Bala (manager), J. Toderenchuk, T. Kushko, N. Deda.

Sitting (l-r): N. Garbolinski, M. Balagush, I. Bohonis, C. Reznowski.


St. Nicholas School Hockey Team.


St. Nicholas School Softball team of 1944.


St. Nicholas School Oratory contestants of 1940. Back row(l-r): Olga Smaha, unknown, Lorne Reznow, unknown, Helen Hniden.

Front row (l-r): Bill Seniuk, Victoria Pidhirnik.


St. Nicholas School Oratory contestants of 1943.


St. Nicholas School Oratory contestants of 1944.


High school students of St. Nicholas School performing chemistry experiments in 1949.


The 60 members of the 1943-1944 St. Nicholas School Choir, under the direction of the Rev. Boniface V. Sloboda.


St. Nicholas School patrols of 1941.


St. Nicholas School Halloween celebrations in 1940.


Group photo of St. Nicholas students and staff, circa 1922. The two priests in the middle are Fr. Athanasius Filipow (left) and Fr. Epiphany Teodorowych (right).


Group of St. Nicholas School girls participating in an unknown activity, circa 1924.


The St. Nicholas School grade 2 class, circa 1915.


St. Nicholas School girl's softball team - undated.


Another St. Nicholas School girl's softball team - undated (early 1940's). Back row (l-r) : Sophie Fedusiak, Ollie Paschak, Vera Rizniak, unknown, Victoria Pidherniak, Nancy Deda, unknown.

Front row (l-r): Bernice Mirus, Luba Warenchuk, Lucy Paluck.


St. Nicholas School girl's baseball team of 1945. Back row (l-r): Steffie Hrynyshyn, Jenny Todirenshuk, Helen Budzan, Sr. Marion, Mary Melnyk, Marian Balagus, Joe Fliss (coach).

Front row (l-r): Cecilia Durban, Irene Bohonos, Grace Durban, Marie Warenchuk, Teresa Kushko.


St. Nicholas School boy's baseball team - undated (1945?). Back row (l-r): John Sych, Nestor Kurytnik, Peter Diduck, John Sokulski. Middle row (l-r): Martin Korban, John Balagus, Tony Biegun, Sr. Marion, Willie Balagus, Joe Fliss.

Front row (l-r): unknown, Victor Yakiwchuk, Michael Wiwchar.


St. Nicholas Girls of Mary. Back row (l-r): Jennie Todorenchuk, Vera Riziak, Minnie Kurytnyk, unknown, Ollie Bias, Helen Budzan, Helen Boreski, Stella Yarko. Third row (l-r): unknown, Anna Krup, Nettie Garbolinski, Nancy Deda, Irene Stoykewich, Theresa Kushko, Mary Melnyk, Jean Piskor, Eleanor Penziwol, unknown Sister.Second row (l-r): unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Steffie Hrynyshyn, unknown, Marion Balagus, Nettie Bakuska, unknown.

Front row (l-r): unknown, Mary Wavrenchuk, Sylvia Yarko, Ollie Paschak, Fr. Boniface, Bernice Mirus, Lucy Paluck, Cecilia Durban, unknown.


A group of St. Nicholas School students, circa 1944-1947.Back row (l-r): Martin Korban, John Sych, Johnny Balagus, Mike Sawka, Mike Hrynyshyn, Nestor Kurytnyk, Willie Balagus, John Sokulski, Peter Diduch.Third row (l-r): Sr. Joan, Helen Budzan, Mary Melnyk, Nettie Garbolinski, Iren Stoykewich, Jenny Todorenchuk, Minnie Kurytnyk.Row behind Jenny (l-r): Jean Piskor, Victor Yakiwchuk, Michael Wiwchar, Tony Biegun, Walter Schurko, John Tymkiw, Sr. Marion.

Front row (l-r): Gracie Durban, Steffie Hrynyshyn, Cecilia Durban, Nettie Bakuska, Mary Wavrenchuk, Irene Bohonos, Theresa Kushko, Mariana Balagus.


An undated photo of a St. Nicholas class with their teacher on the school's front lawn.


An undated photo of a St. Nicholas class with Fr. Hewko on the school's front lawn.


St. Nicholas School grade 11 graduates - 1939.

Left to right - Michael Woroby, Tilly Kruk, Mary Fedun, Dorothy Warrenchuk, Mary Sahan, Joe Hnidan.


Group photo of St. Nicholas School - 1934.


St. Nicholas School First Communion - 1922.


St. Nicholas School classroom, circa 1923.


St. Nicholas First Communion, circa 1926.


St. Nicholas School fund raising bazaar ticket for the school's 25th Anniversary - 1934.