St. Nicholas / Immaculate Heart of Mary
100th Year Anniversary Celebrations


Vintage Photos of IHMS - 1963 to 1980
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Immaculate Heart of Mary School is located at 650 Flora Avenue. It was built in 1963 to replace the old St. Nicholas School, and classes continue to run today. The school is owned and operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate Immaculate.


Group photo of the entire school with Josef Cardinal Slipyi on December 11, 1976.


Remembrance Day Liturgy in IHMS gym - November 1977.


Unveiling of the IHMS icon on the gym wall in 1978. The top photo shows the altar set up for the occasion, the middle photo is of the actual unveiling, and the bottom photo shows the icon's artist, Steve Repa.


These 2 photos, taken from the time capsule opened on September 16, 2005, show the gym as it was being constructed beside the old St. Nicholas School. The inscription on the back of one of the photos reads: "A Progress photo of the construction of the new school just prior to the blessing and laying of the cornerstone on June 30, 1962 at 2:30 p.m. during the week of the Anniversary of the Ukr. Cath. Hierarchy of Canada and the Eucharistic Congress. Ceremony is to be performed by His Grace Metropolitan Maxime Hermaniuk, Their Excellencies Bishops I. Prashko and J. Gabro. Assisting will be nine clergy, six altar boys and the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus acting as Honor Guard."


The 1976-77 IHMS boys volleyball team, coached by Mr. A, Kozubal.


This is a photo of the grade 11 and 12 girls graduating from IHMS in 1965. The grade 11 class participated in that year's graduation ceremonies because IHMS was forced to drop grade 12 for the 1965-66 school year.


Photos of the construction of IHMS 1962-63.


More photos of the construction of IHMS 1962-63.


Photos of the blessing of the IHMS cornerstone on June 30, 1962.


Undated concert in IHMS gym.


His Beatitude Cardinal Slipyi's visit to IHMS on December 11, 1976.


Sr. Chrysantha (left) with students for their First Communion - 1966.


Altar boys and Sodality - 1966.


IHMS boy's basketball team - undated (late 1970's?)


IHMS girl's basketball team - 1979.


IHMS boy's basketball team - 1979.


IHMS boy's volleyball team - 1981.


IHMS grade 6-8 girl's softball team - May 1973.


SSMI Mother General's visit to IHMS - 1978.


IHMS Remembrance Day Liturgy - 1976.


Sodality Day at IHMS - 1977.


IHMS Ukrainian verse speaking team - 1976.


IHMS Ukrainian verse speaking team - 1979.


IHMS Ukrainian verse speaking team - 1980.