St. Nicholas / Immaculate Heart of Mary
100th Year Anniversary Celebrations


Sunday October 9 - The "Send-Off" Barbecue


The huge tent assembled in the IHMS schoolyard

The final event in the St. Nicholas/Immaculate Heart of Mary School 100 Year Anniversary Celebration was the “Send Off” Barbecue on Sunday, October 10th. The Barbecue, which began at 1:00 p.m., was held at Immaculate Heart of Mary School under a huge white tent.

Guests assembled under the tent

The tent was erected in the school yard, with metal pegs driven right into the asphalt. A smaller tent created a walkway between the main tent and the door on the side of the gym. Guests were able to move freely between the tents and the gym.

A smaller tent joined the gym to the main tent

Many of the guests at the barbecue did not attend the previous two events, so this was their first opportunity to view some of the Anniversary displays. Even though it wasn’t on the Events Timetable, these guests were happy to be able to browse the classroom displays, the student profiles, and the the timeline on the hallway walls.

Guests looking at the school's displays in the hallway and in the classrooms

Before the food was served, live entertainment was provided by a local band called Taran. Taran played some very upbeat music that had a lot of people dancing.

Taran played fantastic music that got people dancing

Three of the seven members of the band are proud alumni of Immaculate Heart of Mary School - Dobryan Tracz, Steven Sirski, and Katrusia Basarab. After a few songs, Taran took a short break while Mr. Picklyk welcomed everyone to the barbecue.

Mr. Picklyk (right) welcoming everyone to the Barbecue

As Mr. Picklyk introduced the members of the band, the applause for the school’s 3 former graduates was deafening!

Steven Sirski (IHMS graduate of 1996) played the drums, Dobryan Tracz (IHMS graduate of 1992) played guitar, and Katrusia Basarab (IHMS graduate of 1996) played the violin.

Mr. Picklyk also thanked Bishop Cornelius John Pasichny, OSBM for celebrating that morning’s Divine Liturgy at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church. Sr. Junia Kunanec, SSMI Provincial Superior then opened the barbecue with a prayer.

Bishop David Motiuk and Bishop Cornelius John Pasichny, OSBM (left) and Sr. Junia Kunanec, SSMI Provincial Superior (right)

Guests then lined up for the food, which was set up on tables in the school gym.

Mrs. Naurocki and her husband in line to get food

The main attraction of the food table was the whole roast pig, which was specially catered by a company called “Whole Hog Barbecues”

"Whole Hog Barbecues" catered the food with 3 barbeced pigs

As guests moved along the food line, they were served shredded barbecued pork on a sliced bun. Potato salad, cole slaw, drinks and chips were also available.

Some of the food available at the barbecue

Tables were set up in both the outdoor tent and the school gym, so guests had a choice of where they could eat their food. The atmosphere was relaxed and much less formal than it was in the other two events.

Guests had a choice of eating in either the gym or the tent

The weather was beautiful, the music was fantastic, and the food was delicious! After months of hard work and planning, everything seemed to fall in place to create the perfect “send off” for the school’s 100th Anniversary.