Additional Barbecue Photos
Mr. Fil, the school's caretaker, was on site at 7:00 a.m. to help set up the tent
Inside the tent before the guests arrived
A clown was available to make balloon sculptures for the kids
A photo of the gigantic cooker used to barbecue a whole hog
Younger students enjoying face-painting
Mr. and Mrs. Lysack worked at the registration table
Guests in the food line
Left: Mr. Fil and Mrs Duplak making their sandwiches in the food line. Right: Mrs. M. Bileski was a Resource teacher at IHMS for many years.
Mary Humniski with her husband Deacon Victor Humniski. Mary was the secretary at IHMS for many years.
Three of the youngest guests at the Barbecue
Mike Natyna and Elliott Drewniak both graduated from IHMS in 1986
(l-r): Monica Sirski (graduate of 1991), Nicholas Sirski (graduate of 2002), and Daniel Sirski (graduate of 1992).
Olia Basarab (graduate of 1997) and her sister Tania Basarab (graduate of 2003)