St. Nicholas / Immaculate Heart of Mary
100th Year Anniversary Celebrations


Friday October 7 - Wine and Cheese Reception

The front doors to IHMS for the Wine and Cheese Reception.

The first major event in the St. Nicholas/Immaculate Heart of Mary School 100 Year Anniversary Celebration was the wine and cheese reception held on Friday, October 7th. This was one of the largest and most important events of the weekend, with almost 400 people registered to attend.


The registration table before the reception and shortly after the 7:00 opening.

Staff, students, and parent volunteers spent countless hours preparing for the event, which ran from 7:00 - 11:00 p.m.

Some of the food that was stored in the staffroom before the reception began.

Although the reception began in the gym, there were numerous displays throughout the school highlighting some of the more important historical events of the past 100 years.

An example of a classroom display in the Kindergarten room.
Sr. Anne Pidskalny, SSMI, is the school's Kindergarten teacher. Over the summer, she typed out the names of every student on the school's old registers back to 1920! In this photo, she displays the class lists for the current school year.

Some of the most interesting displays were showcased in the front foyer, including a collection of St. Nicholas School artifacts, some of the school’s earliest yearbooks, and a display of the contents of the cornerstone time capsule.

Mrs. Naurocki, IHMS's yearbook editor, stands next to a display of vintage yearbooks.

In addition, each of the classrooms on the first floor had various exhibits and scans of class photos from previous years.

Some of the photographic scans on display in the classrooms.

Many visitors were intrigued by a unique feature in the hallways - a timeline of important historical events of the past 100 years. Each teacher was responsible for a different 10 year period, and they decorated the hallway near their classroom with photos and information about those years.

Examples of the timelines taped on the hallway walls.

In addition, every student in the school filled out a "student profile" about themselves. These profiles, which included a photo, were also posted in the hallway. They will eventually be taken down and put into storage until the student graduates.

An example of the Kindergarten class "student profiles".

Shortly after registration, Mr. Picklyk, the school’s principal, welcomed everyone and acknowledged a few important guests.

Mr. Picklyk used an old school bell to get everyones attention in the gym.

Mrs. Cushman (nee Koralick), had the honour of travelling the furthest distance (from Australia) for the Anniversary weekend, while Mrs. Jaroslovia "Ruby" Pankiw (maiden name: Stefaniw), who graduated from St. Nicholas School in 1929, was the oldest alumni in attendance.

Mr. Picklyk with Mrs. J. Pankiw, who last attended St. Nicholas School in 1929.

Mr. Picklyk also welcomed Sr. Janice Soluk, SSMI Superior General. Sr. Janice Soluk is the world-wide head of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate, and she travelled all the way from Rome for the occasion.

Mr. Picklyk presented a gift to Sr. Janice Soluk, SSMI Superior General.

Also in attendance were Bishop Cornelius John Pasichny, OSBM, a former student of St. Nicholas School, and Sr. Chrysantha, a former teacher. Bishop Cornelius Pasichny is one of the school's three alumni to become a bishop, while Sr. Chrysantha has the honour of being the school's longest serving teacher. Sr. Chrysantha taught elementary grades, kindergarten to grade 2, for a total of 32 years!

Bishop Cornelius John Pasichny, OSBM, and Sr. Chrysantha, SSMI

Food and drink were served throughout the evening, and most people spent time becoming reacquainted with old classmates and memories of the school. The evening was a fantastic success, and a great way to begin the Anniversary weekend celebrations!